A lot has changed since the last Battle of Alberta playoff game in 1991 (Oilers won the series 4-3). Heck, I wasn't even born yet! 

Let’s dive into some of the historic moments from 1991 and compare them to what life is like in the present day. 

Top baby names:

  • 1991 - Ashley and Micheal 
  • 2022 - Zion & Maeve

Top song:

  • 1991 - (Everything I Do) I Do It for You by Bryan Adam
  • 2022 - TBD

Scandals and Crimes:

  • 1991 - Serial Killer Jeffery Dhamer was captured. It was uncovered that he had killed and sometimes eaten 17 people.
  • 2022 - Russia invaded Ukraine sending millions of people to other countries as refugees. 


  • 1991 - Silence Of The Lambs won five Oscars.
  • 2022 - CODA won three Oscars. 

Oilers Team Captain:

  • 1991 - Mark Messier 
  • 2022 - Connor McDavid 

Flames Team Captain:

  • 1991 - None
  • 2022 - None

Maybe this is fate? 

Other fun 1991 facts:

The most popular movies were Beauty and the Beast, Boyz in the Hood, The Prince of Tides, City Slickers, Fried Green Tomatoes, Cape Fear and Father of the Bride.

Eddie Vedder wrote the song Jeremy.

The term “carjacking” was coined by a Detroit crime reporter who wanted an easier way to talk about auto thefts.

Although life is different from 1991, one thing will always remain the same. The love that Albertans have for the game of hockey. Whoever you’re cheering for I wish you all the best. Sincerely, a salty Leafs fan.

- Hannah