Looking for a rural winter activity for the whole family? 

While Prairie Gardens might be best known for their work in the summer and fall, they are also very busy during the winter months. 

You might have seen them busy delivering baby lambs that can be seen in their petting farm over the last week, but that is just one of the many things that they are offering. 

"It's sure been a beautiful winter with all of the hoar frost and snow," said Tam Andersen with Prairie Gardens. "It's perfect for us to launch a new program called our Winter Farm Wonderland!"

This new program opens the doors to the farm during the colder months of the year and allows families to take part in all kinds of seasonal activities. 

"People can come on out to the farm on Sundays and enjoy all the beautiful snow," said Andersen. "Put on some snow shoes and go and explore the farm and orchards." 

On top of the snowshoeing, people can also enjoy hay bail mazes, ice skating on the pond and even a hot dog roast by the fire. 

"It's a really great way to beat some cabin fever and get some steam worked off of the kids who are going a bit stir-crazy this time of the year." 

If you're looking to warm up while at the farm, and maybe get a bit of shopping in as well, you can also check out their greenhouse, which is still operating. 

"We are still a vegetable farm and we have some heated greenhouse," said Andersen. "One greenhouse still has our storage of our winter squash and blue pumpkins so it's possible you can still purchase one of those and take it home." 

Prairie Gardens is also planning on offering some workshops over the next few months to help people grow their own vegetables. 

"It seems with the price of groceries nowadays, everybody is really interested in learning how to save a little money and plant some things in their own backyards," said Andersen. "This course will be set up for the beginner all the way through to someone who has some skills in gardening." 

"We'll send people home with a little mini greenhouse that they can actually grow their own pea shoots in and harvest them and eat them right away."

For more information on how you can check out Prairie Garden's Winter Farm Wonderland, click here