Former Fort Saskatchewan resident and cyclist Chris Robertson is recovering after falling victim to a hit-and-run collision in Stony Plain.

On June 23, Robertson was riding his bike in the area when he was involved in the collision. Stony Plain Fire Department, Parkland County RCMP, paramedics and the City of Spruce Grove Protective Services all responded to the crash; however, the other vehicle involved fled the scene before first responders arrived.

“I have absolutely no memory of the collision itself,” he said. “I basically woke up to a circle of firefighters standing over me and I was lying on the ground at the side of the road.”

RCMP say the collision happened on 50 Street in Stony Plain. A vehicle had pulled over to the side of the road when it collided with Robertson. Police located and towed the car a short while later; no details were provided regarding the driver.

Due to the severity of his injuries, Roberton’s ambulance bypassed the Stony Plain Hospital and headed straight for the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton. Hospital staff described his injuries as multi-system blunt force trauma from the top of his head to just below the knee, and he suffered a severe concussion.

“I can tell you when you’re hit by a vehicle, you actually feel your body being crushed as if you’re on the ground and somebody is hitting you with a hammer,” Robertson described.

Robertson is best known for cycling from the bottom of mainland Canada to its northernmost point, as detailed in his book, To the Top Canada. He’s still bruised and sore from the collision but is already back on his bike and cycling around town. 

“I'm getting back in the saddle, but I’m very lucky ‘cause I know there are cyclists who have been hit by vehicles who weren’t as lucky.”

He hopes his experience will serve as a reminder to motorists to be careful when driving around cyclists and to give them as much clearance as possible on the street, particularly with school out for the summer.