The wildest food creations have been revealed for Alberta's wildest event of the summer! 

The 2022 Calgary Stampede midway treats menu range from hot, cold and things that you never knew could be a topping… until now. 

Below are some items that caught my eye. 

  1. AAA Alberta beef cow tongue pizza

While I like a lot more pizza toppings than the average joe, tongue isn’t doing it for me. I admire the bold idea but, would rather not feel like I am french kissing a cow to get down to the layer of sauce. 

  1. Pop Rocks popcorn chicken

Without a doubt, I would try this. I love chicken more than any other meat and a little sugary twist on top isn’t a bad idea.

  1. Honey habanero ice pops

I will always appreciate a nice cold treat in the summer but the addition of spice ruins it for me. I believe that the best ice pops will have some kind of fruity flavour.

  1. Garlic and caramelized onion lemonade 

This one took a lot of back in forth in my mind. The honest answer is ‘yes’ I would try this. I may not be able to finish the whole drink but I do like garlic and I am a giant onion fan so why not?

  1. Cotton Candy noodles

Maybe this isn’t exactly what you are picturing in your head. This dish is a nice box of yummy noodles topped with a fluffy cloud of deliciousness. If this gives me the perfect combo of sweet and sour my tastebuds would be dancing. I would definitely try this without hesitation. 

There are dozens of other whacky food items from a glazed donut grilled cheese to a cricket hot dog and Kraft Dinner soft serve that will be showcased at the stampede this summer. 

The Calgary Stampede runs from July 8 to 17 so there is lots of time to fill your belly with these one-of-a-kind treats.

- Hannah