If you were to guess how many head coaches are on a football team, what would your answer be? 

For most, the answer is very easy, most teams in any sport only have one head coach. In football, the head coach is usually responsible for multiple coordinators to help out in specific areas. 

Yet, for the Bev Facey Falcons, this isn't the case. Instead of the one head coach strategy, the team has opted for two head coaches that 'co-coach'. 

Brad Launhart and Jordan Filippelli will co-coach the football team for the upcoming season. 

"I'll be in the school at Bev Facey and Jordan is an outside coach that brings in a lot of football knowledge," said Launhart. "It was a good opportunity where we could balance having someone in the school and then somebody that really knows football who can take care of the behind-the-scenes day-to-day things." 

Plans are already in place regarding how the co-coaches will divvy up responsibility. Filippelli is expected to be the point man on gamedays. 

"Jordan will be the guy on gameday making the decisions with strategy and the transition of teams," said Launhart. "My job on the field will be more as a positional coach and helping with the offence."

 "As a teacher at the school, I'm just here for the kids, communicating with the school, making sure our kids are held accountable, if they need a place to come talk or have things going on in their life, I'm the one they can come to." 

The two coaches also collaborate on putting together practice plans. 

Launhart believes that having two voices coaching the team will actually help messaging get through to players more effectively.

"I think it gives them a break from always hearing one voice," said Launhart. "Instead of hearing that same person saying those same things over and over again, to have somebody else come from a different perspective and bring a different energy." 

"We feel it gets repetitive coming from one person, so it can come from someone else." 

This will be the third season that Bev Facey has had co-coaches for their football team.