From elusive cryptids to haunted grounds, Fort Saskatchewan is home to a few eerie urban legends. 

Just recently, a post on the Fort Sask Informed Facebook page mentioned a mysterious creature that is known to hang out near the roadside at night.

Though most people hadn't heard about it, a few locals shared their own experiences with the supernatural. 

"I have heard accounts of a black figure that stands and crawls on the side of the highway," said one commenter. 

"Thought I saw the silhouette of a moose there once. But with a flat mask-like face instead of a usual moose muzzle," said another. 

Whether or not the stories are true, they sure are a lot of fun to dig into. 

This also wouldn't be the first time that a strange story had surfaced around the Fort Saskatchewan area. 

The region is home to a number of supposed creatures and haunted sites. 

Here is a look at a few of them: 

The Wendigo of Fort Saskatchewan

The Wendigo is perhaps the most popular cryptid said to call the Fort Saskatchewan area home. 

Originating from Indigenous culture, the Wendigo is most popularly described as being a thin being with its skull and skeleton poking through ash-coloured skin akin to a mummy. 

As legend has it, the Wendigo will prey on greedy or weak people by possessing their spirit. This possession then drives the person to do unthinkable things, such as partaking in cannibalism. 

Swift Runner, who was an indigenous man executed in Fort Saskatchewan in the late 1800s for murdering and eating members of his family, is one of the more prominent stories of a Wendigo seemingly possessing a person. 

After being apprehended, Swift Runner admitted to being tormented by the evil spirit of the Wendigo in his dream. 

Definitely one of the grimmer parts of Fort Saskatchewan's history, but a peculiar one, nonetheless. 

Ghosts at the Fort Heritage Precinct 

The Fort Heritage Precinct is no stranger to paranormal occurrences. 

This past November, the precinct was the subject of two episodes of a ghost-hunting that aired on APTN. 

The sprawling site was once home to a North-West Mounted Police Fort where executions of criminals were a common occurrence. 

Kyle Bjornson, who is the curator of the precinct, says it would be the ideal place for vengeful spirits to hang out. 

"There is a lot of kind of dark history here in terms of the jail itself and people being here for various crimes and reasons," said Bjornson. "If you're looking at it from a spiritual perspective there might be some spirits that are in anguish." 

Another site said to be haunted at the precinct is the Dr. Henry House which was home to one of Fort Saskatchewan's first physicians from 1918 to sometime in the 1950s. 

Tragedy struck the Henry family in 1921 when the doctor's wife, Rose, passed away in the house due to an ectopic pregnancy. 

Some say that the spirit of Rose still wanders the walls of the building to this day. 

Others say that the spirit of Florence Lassandro, a prominent 1920s bootlegger who murdered an Alberta Provincial Police officer and the only woman to ever be executed in Fort Saskatchewan, is still lurking around the property.