The Alberta Living Wage Network recently released a report looking into the cost of living across Alberta. 
The report looked into 12 municipalities and found that Strathcona County had one of the lowest living wages in the province. 
According to Living Wage Alberta, “Living wages are rooted in the beliefs that individuals and families should not just survive, but be able to live in dignity, and participate in their community.” 
A living wage is calculated based on the income needs of a two-parent family with two young children. The calculation is derived from both parents working full-time hours. The expenditures include: 
- Healthcare
- Food
- Clothing
- Shelter
- Transportation
- Childcare
- Other household costs
- Tuition 
Currently, the minimum wage in Alberta is $15.00 per hour. 
In their list for 2021, the living wage in Strathcona County was the lowest at $16.80, followed by Red Deer and Stony Plain. Canmore was rated the highest with a living wage of $37.40, with Fort McMurray in second at $27.35. 
Canmore: $37.40
Fort McMurray: $27.35 
Cochrane: $22.60 
Drumheller: $19.70 
Lethbridge $19.00 
Calgary: $18.60 
Chestermere: $18.60 
Edmonton: $18.10 
Rocky Mountain House $18.05 
Stony Plain: $17.20 
Red Deer $17.15 
Strathcona County: $16.80 
The full report and more information on how living wages are calculated can be found here