All Strathcona County rural residents, including acreage owners and agricultural producers, are invited to take part in a survey.
The survey will gather feedback on the type and amount of livestock or poultry that should be permitted on small rural properties outside of Sherwood Park.
"We're trying to create a balance between the agricultural opportunities and that country lifestyle and we really needed to find out what that means to our residents," said Karen Raven, manager of agricultural operations with Strathcona County.
Some of the recent questions the county received from residents were less supportive of livestock ownership for small acreages.
The input from the survey and follow up focus groups will inform a proposed new Responsible Livestock Ownership Bylaw to replace the current Animal Control Bylaw.
The survey will look at types of livestock residents on small acreages prefer, how many they prefer, and agricultural opportunities with animals.
For this survey, livestock includes horses, cows, bison, sheep, goats, swine (all pigs), chickens and other poultry, llamas/alpacas, rabbits, and honeybees. 
The survey is available through the county's website and the proposed bylaw is expected to be brought to council later this year.