Alberta Heartland PCN Dietitian, Laine Murray. Photo by Andrew Nakonechny
March is Nutrition month and we were happy to have local Dietitian, Laine Murray, on the show to talk about how we can add more nutrition to our meals. 

The theme for Nutrition month is Best Food Forward: Plan, Shop, Cook and Enjoy.

That's the 4 steps we can all use to add nutrition to our meals.

Step One: Plan
Have a plan of what you're going to buy at the grocery store and stick to that plan.  Alberta Heartland PCN is offering a free Menu Planning workshop next Tuesday, March 19th from 6 to 9pm.

Step Two:  Shop
Healthy eating starts with the groceries you buy at the store.  You want to shop for nutrient rich foods because they offer more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for fewer calories.

Step Three: Cook
Try it out even if you think you're not a chef.  Keep it simple and try one main ingredient.

Step Four: Enjoy!!
This is the best part, you get to eat what you created and you'll be adding more nutrition to your diet.

For more details on these steps or workshops provided, contact Laine Murray from Alberta Heartland Primary Care Network by phone: 780-997-0046 or check their website