A man from Gibbons and his lawnmower have gone viral.
Over the past three years, Darren Longstaff and his neighbour, Yves Cormier, have noticed something about their yards.
"My front lawn faces south and his faces the north," said Longstaff. "So, mine gets the sun pretty much all day and his only gets it portions of the day."
As a result, his lawn was fully cleared of snow by Wednesday (Apr.15), while Cormier's still had over a foot and required a snow blower. 
Longstaff, on the other hand, pulled out the lawnmower while his wife, Valerie, decided to shoot a video of both machines in action.
"She's actually wanted to do this for the last three years and we've just never been able to," added Longstaff. "So this year, I came home from work, the weather was right and we went and did it." 
Over three days, the video has accumulated over 13,000 views on Longstaff's personal Facebook page, as well as over 400 shares. It has also been shared on multiple media outlets.
"In hindsight, the only thing that would've made the picture or the video any better is if I'd actually put on shorts and a T-shirt." 
Video courtesy of Darren Longstaff on Facebook.