A wildfire that ravaged part of Lamont County last year is reportedly still burning.
The fire in the Skaro area of Lamont County last May burned about 20 square kilometres and prompted the evacuation of homes north of Township Road 580. It started east of Our Lady of Good Counsel Roman Catholic Church and claimed at least two homes and several outbuildings before authorities wrestled control of the blaze.
"It's actually moved into the peat which means it's underground and honestly, there's no limit on how long it could burn for," said Lamont County communications coordinator Heather Atkinson.
The fire burned throughout the winter and officials worry it may roar again come summer unless weather patterns make a dramatic shift to wetter conditions.
Concerns around the smoldering fire (as well as the dry conditions) prompted a fire permit ban in the county earlier this month. Information on the fire ban can be found here, as well as through provincial fire ban information.