One of the newest additions to Redwater got a formal opening.
On Wednesday (May 7), Fort Air Partnership's (FAP) continuous air monitoring station in downtown Redwater cut the ribbon, as the public and surrounding councils got an inside look at the building.
"Everybody's concerned about their health and about emissions, so this is a perfect avenue to set the record straight," said Redwater mayor Mel Smith.
The station collects and reports data on six substances, plus several weather conditions. It also provides a daily Air Quality Health Index rating.
"We're happy to see so many people are interested in the new Redwater station," said Godfrey Huybregts, communications director at FAP. "They had a sneak peek inside the station that most people don't get to have."
The Redwater station is one of nine in Fort Air Partnership's network.
Members of FAP’s Board of Directors and Town of Redwater Councillors watched as FAP Board Chair Allan Wesley (centre left) and Redwater Mayor Mel Smith cut the grand opening ribbon in front of the station.