It's been a busy week for Prairie Gardens. 

Tam Andersen and the rest of the team have seen a whopping 18 baby lambs come into the world, and they aren't finished yet. 

"My little sheep flock has increased from six sheep to forty sheep now," laughed Andersen. "[On Wednesday] we had six baby lambs which is a record for us all in one day!" 

"There were several sets of twins and a couple of other sweet little ones." 

The flock has been keeping warm this winter in a 1918 hip-roof barn. A barn that is expected to get a bit more crowded over the coming weeks. 

"Everday, we go out to our delight and find more baby lambs," said Andersen. "This will happen for the next few weeks; we've got another 22 [expecting] lambs and then there will be another batch in July." 

People eager to check out the baby lambs will have an opportunity to. The farm is open on Sundays for a variety of winter activities, including a petting zoo. 

"We won't bring them all over to the petting farm, but we have a couple of bottle babies," said Andersen. "We'll bring those guys over and kids can have a close-up experience with a really sweet baby lamb." 

Definitely a fun and worthwhile family activity for what's looking like a sunny weekend. 

More details on how to purchase tickets can be seen here