Cote, Lena - July 4, 1950  - May 22, 2020
Known by many, loved by most, forgotten by none. The world is a little “less than” now that Lena Marie Cote, born July 4th 1950, has found her peaceful end in the presence of her sister and most trusted life-long friend on the morning of Friday May 22nd 2020. 
In recent months, with the support of family both natural and chosen, Lena engaged in what can only be described as a courageous battle with cancer. She lived out her final good days quietly in the country with her sister, Edna and brother-in-law of over 40 years, Daryl. There she was surrounded by family and enjoyed good food, good company, sunrises and sunsets all while laughing and reminiscing on the good days gone by. 
While all those who loved her are relieved that her suffering is at an end, we are left reeling at the loss. The void she leaves behind is one of laughter and unapologetic enjoyment of life. Lena lived her life her way and on her terms to an extent rarely seen. Her ability to find laughter in virtually every situation will undoubtedly resonate with us all until we are with her once again. Her light-hearted and deeply personal charm is clearly what drew people of all kinds to her. She had a way of accepting people for what and who they were that seemed to almost silently help us in accepting ourselves. In a great many ways, she lead without leading and guided without guiding. She recently advised that “you have to take your favorite parts of a person and make your relationships with them about that or you’re not going to like anybody and you’ll be lonely.”   
Per her wishes, there will not be a formal funeral nor flowers and tearful goodbyes. Instead, to honor Lena, please take some time to spend with those close to you that you wouldn’t have normally. Have an extra good meal together, “play hooky”, do something fun “don’t mourn me, celebrate each other.”
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