Hi, I'm Hannah Cronin and on May 2 I joined the MIX 107 team!

I studied radio and television at NAIT and decided to take my broadcasting skills to Fort Saskatchewan. I have been here for just two weeks and have been helping everywhere from the newsroom to promotional events. 

Any hobbies?

I really love live music! I have been to dozens of concerts and won’t stop until I have no money left, haha! I also like to write and have always had a passion for speaking. Earlier in the year I emceed a cheerleading competitions for my old club.

Why Fort Saskatchewan?

From the minute I had my interview I felt like it was going to be a nice fit for me. It is closer home (I am from Edmonton) than many other options were and I felt a super good community connection right off the bat. I have had nothing but wonderful encounters with people so far and I am glad I chose to finish my schooling here.

What now?

I hope to make some good friends and get to know this lovely city a little more. I want to provide this community with important and thoughtful news. 

Fun facts:

  • I have broken my nose THREE times and one of those times involved a household appliance.
  • I have the cutest English/bull mastiff dog named Dude.
  • I am a fanny pack enthusiast. 
  • I am a lifelong and hardcore Toronto Maple Leafs fan… sadly. 
  • I did competitive all-star cheerleading for twelve years.

If you see me out in the community make sure you say 'hi!' I want to get to know more people and find cool places to hang out in the city.