The 2008 film Cat's Cradle, released by Skyline Motion Pictures, features a story of fame, fortune, and finding love in a small town. Keen-eyed viewers might recognize a few locations in the film.

From the old Fort Hotel to a cameo appearance from former mayor Jim Sheasgreen and murder mystery maestro Stuart McGowan.

The Fort Hotel compared to The Bears Den.

The film starts with Cat Adams, played by Cara Albo, performing a pop concert in a Hollywood Venue. This venue is none other than the Shell Theatre.

"I give huge props to the Dow Centre and the entire management and staff there," said Gilbert Allen, director and producer of the film. "They were incredible."

Other scenes in the film feature locations in Fort Saskatchewan that aren't around anymore, such as Aunty Sue's Restaurant (now Eggcellent P'Eats), and the old Fort Hotel, which was destroyed in a fire back in 2010. It was replaced with The Bears Den.

Aunty Sue's and Eggcellent P'Eats.

Other locations, such as Flo's Beauty Salon and the Fort Heritage Precinct still stand and are relatively unchanged from their appearance in the film.

The Fort Heritage Precinct

Allan said he was grateful for filming in Fort Saskatchewan, especially when they waived the permit fees.

"The council said that because we were doing this, and we were Albertan, they wanted to get behind it."

The film's idea was formed by Albo, who wanted to use the film as a starting point for her singing career.

Since the film's release sixteen years ago, Cara Albo has become the CEO of a marketing firm, and Skyline Motion Pictures went defunct.

However, Allan says that he's still making films, and will for the foreseeable future.

You can see more comparisons and photos from the movie in the gallery: