Fort Saskatchewan and Strathcona County firefighters teamed up to fight a multiple structure fire in rural Strathcona County on Aug. 18. 

The nightshift firefighters were called in just after 6 a.m to find a fire spreading to multiple buildings on the rural property. They quickly initiated offensive fire attack operations. The fight lasted long enough that the night shift crew was swapped out with the morning crew mid-battle.

The fire was quickly under control and fire investigators remained on the scene into the morning.

Dana Terry, deputy chief of Strathcona County Emergency Services, said the fire was likely caused by an electrical problem.

"It's good to inspect your electrical cords and not leaving tools plugged in," Terry said about ways we can prevent electrical fires. "We're seeing challenges across North America with batteries that overheat."

Although two structures were deemed unsalvageable, the firefighters managed to put out the remaining house fire, saving over half of the structure.

Luckily, no one was injured.