You’re soon going to have to pay a bit more to do away with that old mattress. 

A $15 mattress disposal fee will come into effect once construction on the new Transfer Station in Fort Saskatchewan is completed. City council approved the 2022 budget on Dec.14, which included the additional fee. 

Currently, it costs $10.25 to take a twin mattress to the Transfer Station, $15.50 for double and queen size mattresses, and $20.50 for a king size. 

The city’s public works director, Richard Gagnon, explained one of the reasons for the extra $15 surcharge is due to the new Transfer Station having more capacity, allowing mattresses to be recycled. 

“So, this way, we can keep the mattresses away from the landfill,” he said. 

The surcharge will also help to offset the costs of the new station. 

Construction on the new Transfer Station began in the summer, with the intention of opening sometime in early 2022.