It's been a crazy couple of years.

When I first started working at MIX 107, I was a 17-year-old Grade 12 student at St. John Paul II (the last year it was a high school). I had no radio or professional writing experience, just a decent English mark and a passion for telling stories. I worked the evening show three times a week and occasionally chipped in with a news article or covering an event.

Almost five years later, I've told a lot of stories, and I am so grateful for that every day.

I started as a full-time reporter only a week after finishing my diplomas. It was a lot, working a very busy job so young but working with wonderful people in an amazing community made it easy to fall in love with what I was doing.

Fort Saskatchewan, we have had some ups and downs over the last several years. From explosions and car crashes to huge fundraisers and talented local people making their marks on the world. We managed to struggle through a pandemic (and trust me, I was just as sick of hearing the COVID-19 updates every day as you were), and we also helped a three-year-old boy go to Florida and get the care he needed to fight cancer.

Every story I have been privileged to tell has been a treasure. Thank you to everyone I have interviewed for letting me tell your story, whether it was once or if you are one of the people I talk to regularly. You have made my time here at MIX 107 an absolute joy.

I also want to thank the people I work with for being an amazing crew, especially Luke England and Brian Hagel, for giving a young Fort Saskatchewan kid a chance in the first place and then helping me grow into the person I am today.

While I will miss being at MIX 107 like crazy, I'm not really going anywhere. I'm still living here in Fort Saskatchewan, and if you see me in the line for Millers, please say hi! 

Going forward, you'll be able to hear me on the news as an anchor for 630 CHED.