Police have tracked down a couple identity thieves.
Stolen identifications from local residents were found among weapons, drugs and counterfeit money found at an Edmonton home.
Armed with a search warrant, police found a sawed off shotgun, a semi-automatic sawed off rifle, a large amount of ammunition, counterfeit $50 bills, 1.5 litres of suspected Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), 6.1 grams of suspected Methamphetamine (meth), a credit card reader and scanner, mail box keys and stolen ID's linked back to Sherwood Park.
On November 24, police arrested and charged 30-year-old Kristyn Moore from Edmonton and 49-year-old James Whyte from Wainwright. Moore faces 13 charges and Whyte has 15.
Police also seized a loaded handgun, 1.5 litres of suspected GHB, 1.4 grams of suspected meth and a full patch Warlocks MC vest (motorcycle gang) during Whyte's arrest.
Both are in police custody and have court dates tomorrow (December 7) in Sherwood Park.