The price of gasoline has been on the rise for the past few weeks and is projected to keep going up. 

According to the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the current provincial average for regular fuel is $1.89 a litre in the capital region. 

Alberta has the lowest price for regular gasoline among any province in the country right now, yet the price is still having a significant impact. 

Charity Tober is an 18-year resident of Redwater and owner of Queen of Clean. 

"I own a cleaning business, and we have to travel home to home. We put on at least 200 kilometres a day. So, I try to put my houses closer together," said Tober.

She explained that in the month of May, she spent $2500 on gasoline for herself and her business which is double what she usually would have spent in an average month.

"As an employer who is trying to hire right now, I have people who don't want to travel, so they are giving up job opportunities because they can't afford the fuel to even come to work."

"It is putting people who are already in a hard place in an even harder place than they even need to be."

Tober added that she is reconsidering how much of a fuel allowance she is giving her staff given the rising cost.