Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank is feeling the effects of the higher bills and inflation.

Over the last year, some residents and businesses have seen major increases on anything from power bills to stops at the gas station or grocery store.

According to food bank executive director Kassandra Gartner, they have been getting a flurry of new clients who are having a hard time making ends meet.

"There is a large percentage of our community that really does live on a fixed income with very little wiggle room," she said.

Food bank costs up

The non-profit itself has also not been spared from the increased costs.

Last year, the local food bank moved into a new facility almost 10 times larger than their old space. While the move was necessary to accommodate their clients, and they knew their operational cost would go up because of it, the increase was significantly higher than they expected.

Gartner explained it is manageable but difficult.

"We appreciate the support that we received from our community and from our area industry that allows us to continue to operate. We really just want to convey that we're here for our community, and if you're struggling, and if you're having a difficult time purchasing the items that you need at the grocery store, to reach out and connect with us."

The food bank's new building is located at 11226 88 Avenue.

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