Have you shipped your Christmas cards or presents yet? You should. 

Time is of the essence to meet Canada Post's shipping deadlines over the holidays. 

“With COVID and things that are being sent out to B.C., there is some delay just because of what happened,” explained Ina Hoffmann, lead-in for retail at Canada Post.

Below are the shipping dates you need to know: 


  • Priority: Dec.21
  • Xpresspost: Dec.21
  • Flat rate box - Dec.21
  • Regular parcel: Dec.20


  • Priority: Dec.21
  • Xpresspost: Dec.21
  • Flat rate box: Dec.17
  • Regular parcel: Dec.15


  • Priority: Dec.21
  • Xpresspost: Dec.20
  • Flat rate box: Dec.13
  • Regular parcel: Dec.9

United States:

  • Priority Worldwide: Dec.21
  • Xpresspost USA: Dec.16
  • Expedited Parcel USA: Dec.13
  • Tracked Packet/Small Packet: Dec.9

Hoffmann recommends shipping packages as soon as possible for them to make it to their destination in time for Christmas Eve.