Stolen bicycles are nothing new in Fort Saskatchewan. 

Fort Saskatchewan Protective Services and the Fort Sask Runners have partnered with Bike Index, a global non-profit bike registry. Their goal is to cut back on bike thefts around the world.

Users can create a free account and register their bikes within minutes. In the case that their bike is stolen, they can alert the community who can use the registered data on Bike Index to identify their bicycle.

Bike Index has over 900,000 bicycles registered, 100,000 were stolen at one point or another. 

"We aren't interested in maximizing profits or delivering value to shareholders," said founder Seth Herr. "We just want to register bicycles and help return stolen bikes to their owners."

Bike Index has recovered over $20-million worth of stolen bicycles since forming in 2013.

You can register your bicycle with Bike Index by visiting their website.