Gordon Carson had a few visitors on Wednesday morning (Jan.27).
At around 10 a.m., he looked out of the window in his house and saw four moose; one bull and three cows.
"We've had them before, but not this year," he said. "But four of them is something else. I couldn't believe my eyes."
The moose were about 50 feet away from his back door, chewing on their cuds.
"They're just sitting having a great time there," he added. "They're kind of neat. This is wildlife in the real."
Carson's acreage is a few kilometres out of Fort Saskatchewan, along Highway 37 and Range Road 242.
He added that, since they are so close to the highway, drivers should keep an eye out if they pass through the area. However, the lack of trees along the road should help the animals stay visible to vehicles driving by.