Fort Saskatchewan resident Colton Aucoin woke up to find a note from police left inside his vehicle.

He told MIX 107 it happened last Tuesday (July 19).

"I noticed it because I didn’t leave anything on my dash, there was a note face up. It was a note from the RCMP,” said Aucoin.

According to Aucoin, the note detailed what could have been stolen from his unlocked car -- his bag or the car -- while he was parked on a residential road. 

“I talked to my neighbours and they saw [the officer] too.” 

This RCMP project has been receiving mixed reactions from the community of Fort Saskatchewan on social media.

“I like it, I really do. It is a good initiative. It just could have been followed through in a different way. I would have had no issue if the note was folded up under the wiper blade rather than the officer going into my vehicle.”

The note encourages those who received them to 'lock your car.'

If residents have any questions or concerns regarding this initiative they can call Fort Saskatchewan RCMP at 780-997-7900.