Fort Saskatchewan is featured in its own Monopoly-style board game.
Outset Media and Walmart have partnered up to create a game based on iconic locations in Fort Saskatchewan. Instead of Atlantic Avenue, Boardwalk or Park Place, you can now scoop up the Shell Theatre, Fort Saskatchewan High School and City Hall with Fort Saskatchewan-opoly.
“[Walmart] wanted to know since we’re a Canadian company, and we have the rights if we develop a line of games celebrating communities that they’re in across Canada, and we said absolutely.” Said J.P. Teskey, senior vice president of Outset Media.
The company began making the board games a few years ago, starting with large cities like Calgary, Vancouver and Edmonton.
Teskey said that while the games for larger cities did reasonably well, the company has found its best success in smaller municipalities.
Other well-known places on the game include the Dow Centennial Centre, West River's Edge, Fort Lanes and the Fort Heritage Precinct.
Events such as the Sheep Leaving Parade and Legacy Park Family Festival also landed a spot on the board.
"So we try to make it really custom and fun.”
The board games can be found exclusively at Walmart stores and through their website.
Outset Media has now created over 160 Monopoly-style games for communities across the country.