Fort Saskatchewan city council has greenlit a proposed new intersection.  

A public hearing was held on Feb.8 to discuss the approved new intersection with traffic lights on Highway 21 between 84 Street and Highway 15. The intersection would serve a commercial project proposed for both sides of the highway. 

The site was approved for commercial rezoning in 2016; however, development did not go forward at the time. A new developer expressed interest in the area and requested a decision on the proposed intersection. 

During the hearing, developer Ravi Prakash explained potential tenants have said their customers need easy access to the commercial site.  

“The biggest challenge with this land is the access,” he explained.  

“In order to support 20 acres of development, because this is so big, we need to have a proper intersection so that the community can come from all directions.” 

Prakash will cover the costs of the intersection. 

Council voted in favour of the new intersection, with councillor Birgit Blizzard the only one opposed. 

No members of the public spoke at the hearing.