A Fort Saskatchewan High School basketball player has just signed with The King's University.

Grade 12 student Connor Percy will be attending the school this fall for the Interdisciplinary Science program, in addition to showcasing his skills on the court.

"I have been playing basketball since I was in Grade 6. It is just one of those sports that I have been able to play for so long, and I didn't have to have a lot [of resources] to play it. It's been one of those things that has been very important to me," said Percy. 

Percy has been interested in attending The King's University since he was invited to one of the open runs with the team.

"I have always wanted to play at the next level," he added. 

The head coach for The King's University men's basketball program, Jay Ouellette, said his friends who coach in the high school divisions brought Percy's talent to his attention. 

"Some of the recruiting I do is I try to find the diamond in the rough and go to the areas where some people aren't looking," explained Ouellette.

"It was his athleticism [that caught my eye] right off the bat, and how he interacted with his teammates," he said of Percy. 

The King's University founded a formal athletic program for Men's Basketball in 1983. Additionally, the university offers summer basketball camps for players to develop their skills and connect with staff who work in coaching at the university level. They also have camps for players in junior high and high school.

Last season, The King's University men's basketball team placed 7th in the ACAC North Division.

Percy had some advice for others looking to take their skill to the next level.

"Make sure that you're always in the gym; make sure you're always doing what you can to get better. Don't ever settle."