An unfortunate situation had a happy ending for two local boys.
In early August, Fort Saskatchewan's Logan Pederson had his bike stolen outside of the local Walmart.
"I was pretty floored because he was in there with two of his friends, and they ran in for like five minutes. His friend's bikes were there, and his was gone," explained his mother, Jamie Gardiner.
Pederson reported the incident to police, and Gardiner posted about the theft on Facebook. Eventually, the news found its way to Straightline Dodge, and the general manager told Gardiner he wanted to replace the bike as a surprise, as part of Straightline Dodge's Good Neighbour Program.
"When we got it, he was almost in tears because he lives on his bike. He is out on his bike all the time," she said.
The manager told Pederson that if he got his bike back, he should pay it forward since a few posts were going around about stolen bikes at the time.
Sure enough, the family soon got a call from a good samaritan who spotted the stolen bike, and police were able to retrieve it. They decided to reach out to one of the other kids who had a stolen bike, named Jack, and gave Pederson's bike to him with $100 to fix up some of the more worn parts.
Gardiner concluded by warning parents a bike thief is going around and to keep them safe.
Logan Pederson with his new bike from Straightline Dodge. Photo supplied.