Andrew Nakonechny with his Paska. Photo supplied by Andrew Nakonechny
Happy Easter! 

I love the Easter weekend because in my family, it's filled with great traditions that now I get to pass along to my son.

2 main traditions that I'm looking forward to this weekend is baking Paska's and Babka's.  That's the Ukrainian Easter bread, sweet to taste and oh so good.  Yes that's the best part, eating.

The 2nd is decorating Ukrainian Easter eggs, known as Pysanky.  This is an art and talent that I don't have.  Traditionally, you use beeswax to design the egg and then colour dye to add the colour. 

Here's an example:

Can you tell which egg is mine?

Pysanky, Ukrainian Easter Eggs. Photo By Andrew Nakonechny

What's your family Easter Traditions?  Did you start a new tradition this year?  Share your stories here.