Did anyone see the flying dinosaurs in Sturgeon County?
Jurassic Forest, located north of Gibbons, is a family-friendly park full of animatronic dinosaurs to view. The park adds new attractions every few years and has brought in six new dinosaurs this summer.
General manager Andrea Hrenchuk confirmed a Spinosaurus and a Therizinosaurus are two of the new additions. However, she added people will have to visit the park to find out what else has been brought in.
"The response has been great so far. Kids have been really excited about all of them."
As the dinosaurs are so big, the Spinosaurus being 15 metres long and weighing just under 1,400 kilos, it is quite the process of transporting them into the park. The machines are brought in on a truck before being assembled and then taken into the park by helicopter.
Jurassic Forest's new Spinosaurus is 15 metres long and weighs just under 1,400 kilos. Photo supplied.
They were able to get all the dinosaurs moved in on Tuesday (July 20).
"Getting them in was actually pretty quick. Our helicopter pilot was really fantastic, so the move itself only took a few hours," explained Hrenchuk.
Not only is the park bringing in new dinosaurs, but they're also adding a new mini-golf course this season, which should be open in a few weeks.
Jurassic Forest is the largest animatronic dinosaur park in North America.