Fort Saskatchewan city councillor Ed Sperling has a bit more free time on his schedule these days.
Sperling recently retired after spending 37 years working for ATB, most recently as a branch manager in Fort Saskatchewan. Sperling started with the company nearly four decades ago after graduating from Mount Royal University in Calgary.
"My position back at that time was called a branch administration trainee. So at the very grassroots. And they worked you up through the whole system. You took your turn on cash, filing checks, posting runs. There was no automation back in those days so you did all the tasks that anybody else did, you learned how to do and do well before you moved up."
Sperling, who has lived in Fort Saskatchewan since 2001, is now in his fifth year on city council. With the extra time on his hands, he is looking forward to dedicating more hours to his role as councillor.
"I think investing more time will turn out to be a good thing for me and I think for Fort Saskatchewan," he said.
As he begins his retirement, Sperling also has a few fun things lined up on his personal agenda, including golf, travel and spending time outdoors.
"A few of my friends have already sort of lined up my schedule every week for golf tee times. So that will be front and center. I just picked up a holiday trailer the other day and we're planning to get away for some weekend junkets out to some of the outlying communities and that and do some golfing and some camping."
Sperling also plans to enjoy the summer and spend some time relaxing.