Even though summer is over, construction is still going strong in Southfort.

Greenfield Way is receiving raised crosswalks, bumped-out intersections, and a speed limit reduction to 40 km/hr in residential areas.

This project has been discussed for several years. It was initiated by a group of residents concerned about increasing traffic volume, speed, and incidents of reckless driving.

“Our street is used as a racetrack, a bypass road, and a detour road to avoid the traffic lights on Southfort,” said resident Vance Mauger. 

Fort Saskatchewan city council approved $260,000 in funding for the project in July.

Councillor Lisa Makin said these traffic calming measures were put in place to slow drivers down.

"While slowing down to safely navigate this street feels like an inconvenience it has been done for the sole purpose of increasing safety in this neighborhood," Makin said in a Facebook post.

The intersection of Greenfield Way and Dillingham Avenue is especially busy, with barriers, skidsteers, and contractors working towards putting these measures in place.

This traffic calming project falls into the city's commitment to Vision Zero, a program designed to lower vehicle accidents, injuries, and fatalities in Fort Saskatchewan.