Fort Saskatchewan council has decided their position on policing in Alberta.
The province is looking at creating a provincial police force and moving away from the RCMP. In response, councillor Lisa Makin made a notice of motion for council to support the RCMP as the police in Alberta.
"Some of the key areas that were brought up was the fact that to go to a provincial police force undoubtedly would have higher costs than the existing funding that we provide for the RCMP contract and that the [policing] priorities would no longer be made at a local level," explained mayor Gale Katchur.
Following the discussion, council eventually voted in favour of Makin's proposal.
Katchur will be writing a letter to the province, informing them that Fort Saskatchewan is against moving towards a new provincial police force.
"We believe that the RCMP are fundamentally part of our heritage and our history, and they are iconic to Canada. We really support the fact that we want to have them remain within our community."
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