Bon Accord is "happy to meet" you.

Established in the late 1800s by British, Scottish and American settlers, the town of Bon Accord was named after the motto of the city of Aberdeen, Scotland, "happy to meet." Before the town existed, the land was home to the Nêhiyaw-Askiy (Plains Cree) and Métis people.

Bon Accord wasn't incorporated until 1964 when it became a village; it later received town status in 1979. Since its beginnings, the town has been rooted in agriculture, and though it has since diversified, the town has kept its rural feel.
Roughly 1,500 people call Bon Accord home today.

The mayor of Bon Accord, Greg Mosychuk, moved to town in 2008 after spending most of his life in larger, urban areas.

"We were looking for something that was what we were used to, so Bon Accord. [It's a] nice small community, very friendly people," he explained. "But we're on EPCOR city water, our sewer system, we have internet. The big thing is rural internet; we have high-speed internet."

The town has several unique features; the International Dark-Sky Association designated Bon Accord as a dark sky preserve in 2015. The designation is the first of its kind in the county and only the eleventh in the world. Bylaws have been introduced to ensure outdoor lighting falls in line with the designation.

Bon Accord constructed a solar farm just southeast of the town in 2020, which according to Mosychuk, is paying for itself. A new addition this year is a flock of sheep responsible for trimming the grass beneath the solar panels.

The town is looking to bring more development into the area. For example, although slowed down by the pandemic, a cannabis micro-cultivation group is set to move into the area.

"It's a wonderful community and it's a very caring community. Looking at this last year with COVID, people have reached out for help, and everyone is willing and able and coming around. So, if you want to be in a nice location where it's a small-town feel; a small, rural feel in some ways but has all the things that you would expect in the city, come on out."