Whether you're a former volleyball team captain or someone who just enjoys the sport, it's worth registering for the Fort Sask Beach Volleyball Association's league.

Being involved in volleyball from a young age, Fort Saskatchewan's Ryan Gabert was tired of driving into Edmonton to play volleyball. He soon decided to form a league of his own based out of Fort.

Using the RCMP Park's outdoor rink as a venue, the Fort Sask volleyball league features games of six on six, four on four, and a two on two spike ball league, a game created less than a decade ago.

"It's a completely different game," said Gabert. "It's played on a round net three feet in diameter. The whole court's 360 degrees. There are no sides, and the ball is a bit larger than a tennis ball."

The games start on May 31 and are playing over eight weeks. Visitors and spectators and encouraged to watch as well. Registration is open now by sending them an email at fortsaskbeachvball@outlook.com.