Ted & Marion Outerbridge with the sealed envelope. Photo by Andrew Nakonechny
Today there was plenty of awe and amazement from Ted and Marion Outerbridge as they helped to perform an amazing magic trick on air. 

We had our Mix 107 listener Denise pick a time of 11:45 and in a sealed envelope, that Jonathan Milke was holding, had a deck on cards with various times on it.  1 card was face down and it turned out to be the EXACT time that Denise picked.

How AWESOME and COOL is that!!!

It was a little favour of what's to come on Saturday night as Ted and Marion will bring their Clockwork Mysteries show to the Shell Theatre.  Tickets are still available but they're disappearing fast.  Buy your tickets from the ticket box office at the DCC or listen to win tickets tomorrow morning. 

I'll ask what time was the predicted time on the card shown.  Answer: 11:45.

Here's the video evidence of the magic trick: