The year 2021 was full of uncertainty, masks, restrictions, and variants, and here we are going into 2022 just like we did at the start of 2021 -- worn out and still in a global pandemic. 

I'm not feeling the whole resolution thing. I mean, did anyone even look at their 2021 list? Did anyone cross anything off? I can't even remember what I wrote down for my resolutions... I guess I didn't follow through. 

That alone should prompt us to rethink our resolutions, especially when it comes to our time and how best to spend it on what we love, with the people we love.

Some of the more traditional resolutions like losing weight, getting a hobby, or the ever-popular saving money just seems exhausting.  

This year, I feel like we need a new take on the resolution. We need intentions that are more forgiving, more fun, and include more family time and carefree moments. Ones we might have a chance of following through on or at least making it past January 19 (which I just learned is the National Day for Quitters) a day by which many give up on their resolutions altogether.

We have enough challenges in our everyday lives; don't let resolutions take you down. Be nice to yourself.

Have a happy 2022... quitter.