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Wheels to Independence

2014 07 24 group photoFrom left to right: Joyce Baker, Quinn Helus, Aaron Friesen and Sheldon Bossert. Photo by Tony Stacey

Your help is needed to make a Dream come true for a young man!

Aaron Friesen was born with spastic Bilateral Cerebral Palsy and has been in a wheelchair for all of his life.  That hasn't slowed Aaron down one bit and he has hopes to be a journalist in the future.

His other dream is more independence.

Driving would give him the ability to travel without the need of assistance but the price of a wheelchair accessible van is very expensive.  Aaron competed in a North American contest to win a van, which we featured in a story back in March.  Aaron made it into the semi-finals but was short on votes to move into the final round.

Aaron and his family haven't stopped working towards the goal of having a wheelchair accessible van and have been spreading the word on how people can help them. 

Fort Saskatchewan City Councillor Sheldon Bossert was on the morning show Thursday and talked about his connection with Aaron.

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 There will be many fundraisers coming to help Aaron and the first is this Saturday in Two Hills but even if you can't go, you can donate online. 

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Help make Aaron's Dream Come True and as Sheldon shared, imagine your life without the use of your legs. 

What's your vote for the Friday Office Dance Song?

It's the battle of the "Ladies from the 80's" in the Friday Office Dance song!

Which song will get your Friday and the weekend started?

Tiffany ---I think we're alone now


Madonna----Into the Groove

Vote for your song on Facebook, Twitter #DanceFS, call 780-998-1079 or Text 780-996-6704

If you have a song or theme suggestion to feature in the Friday Office Dance Song, email me!  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Greenland Daycare Win a Funky Lunch

2014 07 23 greenlanddaycareKellie Lambert (on the right) and the staff at Greenland Daycare recieved a special lunch today thanks to the Funky Mango Food Truck. Photo by Tony Stacey

It's Wednesday!

That means another lucky winner got funky with the FREE Food Wednesday from the Funky Mango Food Truck.

This weeks draw went to Greenland Daycare. Kellie Lambert sent us a great reason as to why they deserved a fresh, hot lunch.

Hi there I would love to tell you why we should win lunch from the Funky Mango. I work at Greenland Daycare and we have 12 staff in the centre.We work very hard looking after many children and its not very often that we (the staff) get to sit down together and have a nice warm take out lunch.  During the summer we are out in the community with walks and field trips so this splits the staff up even more. Please pick us as we work hard and long with our most special treasures.

Thank you

Sounds like a lunch well deserved. Congratulations to the staff at Greenland Daycare.

If you and your friends at work would love a tasty and free lunch courtesy of the Funky Mango Food Truck, just send Andrew a brief message as to why you and your work mates deserve one. A random draw will happen each Wednesday morning on the Morning Show.

Send your entry to Andrew Nakonechny at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Don't forget to LIKE The Funky Mango Food Truck on Facebook and check out their great variety of delectable meals and weekly specials.

Easy come, easy go

2014 07 23 moneyWhat would you do if you won the lottery?

We have all dreamt of the big pay day. We purchase that lotto ticket, a little strip of paper with a several meaningless numbers printed on it hoping that it may change our lives for ever.

For a small portion of lucky people it surely has, for better and for worse. You will see in the videos I have posted below how some people have delegated their winnings, blown it all, or gave it all up for a cause they believe in.

I think a vast majority of us think about the many positive aspects of winning the lotto but are not truly aware of the risks and negative life changes that can often go with it. Remember that distant cousin you haven't talked to in like 20 years? Didn't think so, but that cousin could be the one that coincidentally shows up at your door step after you score the big one and he/she probably isn't there to see how you been keeping all these years.

The big question is, what would we do with a huge sum of money and do we REALLY know how we would spend it. I bet that most lottery winners like the ones in the videos below thought the same way we do, and yet find themselves worse off than they did before they won it.

A video from Great Britain that documents how most jackpot winners divide their money.

How some lose it all

How one person gave it all up in the name of the Lord.

One Calgary man Donates his huge jackpot.

Mix 107 Question of the Day.

Q: What would you do with your money if you won a massive lottery?

Post your answers over on our Facbook post at Mix 107.9FM or @Mix1079FortSask on Twitter. You can also call in during the segment on the Drive Show around 4:30pm (July 23rd), or text to 780 996 6704

Youth Employment Program under way at Mix 107

2014 07 21 kalebowthorpeKane Bowthorpe will be spending some time at Mix 107 for the next few weeks. Photo by Tony Stacey

The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan is opening up the door of opportunity and discovery for many Fort Sask youth.

The Youth Employment Program enables youth to gain valuable knowledge, understanding, and introduction to many participating Fort Sask businesses. Mix 107 will be home to two youth from the area for the duration of four weeks.

Here is our second youth introduction (Written by Kane Bowthorpe)

Hi. My name is Kane Bowthorpe, I am 14 Years old and I attend Rudolph Hennig Junior High. I'm not really into sports, and unless dodge ball is a sport I dislike all sports. I will be joining the Mix 107.9 crew for the next couple weeks and I am very excited.

In my spare time I enjoy drawing, playing video games and watching anime. My favorite by far is Attack on Titan.

I honestly don't have a favorite movie.

So far I have only been at the station one day but I'm already having fun.

As soon as I finish High School I intend on going into animation.

And that is really all i have to say for now but I will try to do more blogs.

I am Kane Bowthorpe signing out for Mix 107. I'll check back soon.

Not so peaceful

2014 07 21 ourladypeaceOur Lady Peace performing at K-Days in Edmonton on July 19th. Photo by Tony Stacey

Concerts can be amazing or they can be misery.

It really depends on the band in question and more importantly the fans who come out to the shows. Some live acts get really invigorated by an enthusiastic crowd and you can just feel the energy in the air, but at times that energy turns into something just short of a riot.

Maybe I am getting old, but more often than not I find myself enjoying the CD's far more than the live performance simply because I can enjoy the music on my terms, pick the songs I want to hear and not worry about losing my hearing or getting injured.

For example, at the Our Lady Peace concert which happened over the weekend at K-Days, I found myself several rows from the stage and all was pretty good for the first few songs, but that would soon change. With each and every song I found myself getting squat and cramped between more and more people and even gave way for some extremely rude ones who squeezed their way toward the stage with little regard for those who stood so long to get a good vantage point.

Watched one young lady faint just several feet away from me. Her friend insisted she was OK, until just moments later she crumpled to the ground again and was ushered out of the crowd to security and paramedics. Then we had to endure a patch of intoxicated people who I believe were trying to start some sort of mosh pit all the while spinning my head around to see which one of over over a dozen crowd surfers were being tossed and bounced over your head. Oh...do I even have to mention that at nearly every rock concert the atmosphere becomes poluted by some pretty weird aromas if ya know what I mean.

As I said, maybe I am just getting old because I can't seem to justify the cost of most concert tickets just to spend over an hour and half standing amongst thousands of strangers and feeling extremely annoyed. Plus, Nikki Six of Motley Crew said it best on on of his evening radio casts when he talked about fans practically absorbing the entire show through the lens of a cell phone. How can you truly enjoy an experience like that and do you honestly think your little phone can replicate decent sound quality. I can understand the odd picture here and there, but capturing just about every song seems more like a distraction to me.

To end off this blog, I will say Our Lady Peace was pretty good and I did enjoy the show for the most part, but I think I would have preferred this concert from the comfort of a seat in the second balcony more than several rows from the stage of rage.

Maybe I'm just getting old or the only one who believes you can and should be able to enjoy a concert without acting kinda crazy.

Guess it's back to the CD collection for me.

First Weekend Blog

Yes, I did bring a photo of Andrew Ference in when I got my hair cut. Not only is he captain on the ice, but in style as well.

2nd Annual Babas and Borshch Fest returns

2014 07 17 babasandborshteventBabas and Borshch is set. All you need to do is get there and they will take care of the rest.

A cultural explosion returns to Andrew, Alberta.

It's a great time for Ukranians and wanna be Ukranians alike to come out and enjoy the wonder that is the 2nd Annual Babas and Borshch Festival which takes place on August 23rd and 24th.

This is a great way to experience the sights, sounds, history, tradition and foods that make the Ukranian culture and experience like no other. Some highlights from this event will include the Borshch (Beet soup) Cook Off. Who will have the best Borshch...give it a taste and find out for yourself!

Hazel Anakas joined Andrew Nakonechy on the Morning Show and talks about the cook off and it's growing popularity.

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There will be a Borshch Cooking Demo Class led by Chef Gail Hail. Find out how to make you own amazing Borshch at home.

There will be tours that will show you around various places in the village to talk about and recognize important moments from Ukranian history in Canada.

Don't miss out on the Outdoor Music Jam which will feature a vast area of local area talent with a blend of traditional music and more. Take in the Baba's Bazaar by visiting the kitchen area for plenty of drop in activities, great discussions, card games, videos, souvenirs and so much more.

Don't forget to top it all off by checking out the incredible Zabava line up. Check out the Cheremosh Ukranian Dancers, Zabava u Koli, The Playboys and enjoy a delectable fest.

2017 07 17 hazelHazel Anakas joined Andrew on the Morning Show to talk about this wondeful event. Photo by Andrew Nakonechny

Hazel Anakas also gave us a rundown about the variety of events you can enjoy.

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Here is a gallery of photos from last years event. Photos make appear slightly altered to fit the dimensions of our site. Photos by Hilary Anaka and Stan Cholak.

This is just a small sample of the many great things you can enjoy and discovery at the Babas and Borshch Ukranian Festival.

Gather one and all and have a ball this August in Andrew with Babas and Borshch.

Check out two great videos from last years event.


VIDEO: Eskimos pre-game meal at Sawmill Game #2

2014 07 08 esksWatch the game on the big screens at the Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse or even better, snag a ticket and fan bus ride and see it in person.

It's time to tackle your hunger with the Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse in Fort Sask.

Check out the video clue below to find out which menu item is the selected pre-game meal before the Edmonton Eskimos play host to the Calgary Stampeders on Thursday, July 24th.

Tune in on Wednesday, July 23rd during the Morning Show with Andrew Nakonechny around 6:45 AM and listen for your cue to call...780 998 1079. If you can correctly answer which is the selected pre-game meal, you will WIN 4 tickets to the game!

Don't forget you can score a touchdown combo with a ticket to the game and have fun with Mix 107 as we take the Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse Eskimo Fan Bus to and from the stadium all for just $26.

If you already have a ticket to the big game, you are still welcome to jump on board the fan bus and charge on down to the end zone for just $10.

Stop by the Fort Saskatchewan Sawmill Prime Rib and Steakhouse, 21 Westpark Boulevard, or phone 780-992-2255 and get your tickets today.

For a list of menu items and info about the Fort Saskatchewan location click here.

*The fan bus generally departs the Sawmill parking lot about and hour and half prior to game time.

Your chance to win a 4 pack of tickets will take place the day before each and every Eskimo home game till the end of the regular season.

WIN a set of great clubs by supporting a great club

2014 06 27 golfclubs pingThis amazing set of golf clubs...the PING G25 could be yours. Enter to WIN. Photo submitted.

If your golf game has been a little off lately, then maybe it might be a sign that you need a new set of clubs!

How would you like a really nice set of PING G25 Golf Clubs with carry case? Thanks to Jiffy Lube and partners Fort In View Golf Course and Mix 107, your chance is here.

This amazing set can set someone back well over $2000 at retail but could be yours all for the price of a raffle ticket. Jiffy Lube would like you to swing your way back into the winners circle by simply purchasing a ticket where proceeds go to support The Boys and Girls Club of Fort Saskatchewan.

Raffle tickets are on sale now and can be found at Jiffy Lube, Fort In View Golf Club and the Boys and Girls Club. They are just $5 and will be available till August 14th.

The big draw will happen on August 15th from the Fort In View Golf Course during the Walter Buck Memorial Golf Tournament.

For more info about this tournament and the Fort In View go to www.fortinview.com

For details about great specials and services offered at Jiffy Lube go to www.jiffylube.ca   and when you stop in tell Jim Mix 107 sent ya!
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